Apps to Make Extra Income

Nearly everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone knows how to use it to its fullest advantage. For example, did you know you could use your phone to open up new opportunities to make money from home? There are many apps available that offer real money for little to no work. While in almost all […]

Lack of Training and Leadership Skills Hinders Employee Performance

Many employers have experienced the frustrating situation of promoting an employee and then seeing that individual’s performance drop. While there are many factors that can affect an employee’s performance at work, lack of leadership and communication skills is often one of the biggest issues. The right management training can tackle this problem and allow employees […]

Employee Time Fraud Costs

From the earliest days of industrialization, business owners have faced enormous challenges in keeping their employees honest and making sure their working hours were reported accurately. Whether those employees worked on the assembly line at the local factory or the telephone bank at a nearby office park, their bosses looked for ways to improve the […]

What Exactly is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere. From yoga classes to management seminars to treatment for depression, it seems like everyone’s practicing mindfulness. But what is it, and why has it become so popular? A search for “mindfulness meditation” on YouTube returns over 1.8 million results, which include everything from a ten-minute clip which “teaches you to […]

How to Create an Optimized Shopping Cart Page for Your Ecommerce Site

Creating an optimized shopping cart experience is one of the easiest ways to reduce lost revenue in your e-commerce business. Various payment processing companies and digital marketing agencies have estimated products abandoned in carts amounts to around $4 trillion each year. For an individual e-commerce business, reducing these levels can lead to increased revenue and […]

How to Market a New Product Through Email

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or have just barely broken into the online marketing sector, there is a certain set of guiding principles to which you must adhere if you wish to market your new product successfully. Among the many facets of online business, your email marketing strategy is of particular importance. Here are […]

Blogging 101: Building the Buzz

  • On March 22, 2018
  • In Blogs
Blogging 101: Building the Buzz Blogging is one of the best ways to hone in on target consumers and to generate perpetual leads on an exponential scale. Here are three ways to build the buzz on your company blog: Share Buttons “Share” buttons are critical to your business initiatives because they give your viewers a […]