Our Story

Welcome to The Trifecta Group…

Like all great companies, there is always a beginning. Ours is no different.  Our company started, as many companies do, with frustration.

A few months later, we founded the Trifecta Group, a technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States. We develop, market, and operate an on-demand gig labor app, interactive job posting platform, and retail delivery mobile app. Today, we are growing leaps and bounds. Started in our home town of Dallas and now offering our technology in every major US city.

Our Sites

TRIFECTA GROUP is technology based company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States, operating throughout the United States. We develop, market, and operate mobile apps.


Retailers can now transform their traditional stores into Virtual Powerhouse Distribution Centers. Our Lite Version can be integrated into existing shopping carts with all the great features. The Full Version provides a total enterprise solution for retailers that perhaps are not looking at integrating the Lite Version or are unfamiliar with the back-end coding. Both solutions, provide same day delivery with the use of Independent Couriers. We do all the heavy lifting so our customers don’t have to. Download the app today and give it a go!

Rapid Staffing

Built around today’s competitive environment, Rapid Staffing is a premier staffing service equipped with the innovative technology to deliver immediate and effective results. Our company is powered by top tier professionals from all sectors with one focus and one goal, to deliver the most effective staffing service available.


For companies looking to move away from traditional staffing services. UworkIt provides flexibility and better cost containment without losing access to a robust database of job seekers. Our platform takes your open orders and disperses it hundreds of available candidates looking for work. No longer are employers waiting for recruiters or firms to find available candidates, the app works in real time, giving you maximum control of our supplemental labor usage.

Job Contx

The more efficient way to recruit and hire talent. Our platform is designed for today’s ever changing hiring market. Infused with an interactive live chat, it bridges the missing link between job seekers and employers by enabling them to communicate with one another in real time. This shortens the hiring process and creates efficiency in hiring life cycle.